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After years of development, Lanpeng Law Firm has gradually formed litigation, non-litigation, arbitration and other businesses. It has a comprehensive partnership law firm composed of first-class legal service professionals and a strong team of expert consultants.

The mainstream business of the firm is: aviation law, intellectual property rights, international trade, criminal defense and labor disputes. It also has construction and real estate affairs department, finance, securities, insurance affairs department, corporate legal affairs department, intellectual property affairs department, criminal legal affairs department, foreign investment project and arbitration affairs department, maritime maritime affairs department, transportation legal affairs department, The Aviation Legal Affairs Department, General Legal Affairs Department, etc., each department is in charge of senior lawyers in this field, and professional services are realized through specialized division of labor.

Our lawyers have profound professional knowledge, good professional ethics, rich practice experience, and high work efficiency. Most of them graduated from famous institutions of higher learning at home and abroad, and most of them have securities legal qualifications, industrial and commercial agent qualifications, and trademark attorneys. qualifications, CPA qualifications and real estate appraiser qualifications, etc., which can meet the different professional needs of customers and provide customers with professional, authoritative, practical, convenient, high-quality and efficient all-round international legal services. A group of well-known experts and scholars are used as consultants to ensure professionalism and authority in cases involving various fields, and maintain good cooperation with the judiciary, the press, the administration, the Chinese Law Society, and the Chinese Criminology Society relation.

With the goal of providing high-quality and efficient legal services to clients at home and abroad, with the highest purpose of advocating the rule of law and justice and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, we have established more than a dozen outlets in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Law firms, legal service organizations, and professional consulting companies in nine countries and regions have established extensive cooperative relationships to fully realize resource sharing.

Seeking and safeguarding the maximization of clients' rights and interests is the tenet that the firm has always adhered to in the process of practice. The lawyers of the firm are dedicated and sincere in their service, and have won high praise from customers and peers.

Lanpeng advantage
The continuous promotion and outstanding achievements of Lanpeng Law Firm in the integration strategy have laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive competitive advantage of New Lanpeng Law Firm, which is bound to inject strong impetus into the exploration of the third road of large-scale development of the industry.
N+1 mode
Lanpeng is the first attempt of the N+1 model in the Chinese lawyer industry. That is to say, after long-term close cooperation, multiple law firms have transformed into a close cooperative relationship under one brand through different forms on the basis of a high degree of mutual recognition in terms of management concepts, business standards, and strategic planning. Following the theory of regional market development, Lanpeng adopts the local offices of various provinces and cities as "first-level branches", and the first-level branches become joint sponsors to jointly manage the Lanpeng brand. This model is conducive to giving full play to the advantages and equal participation of local offices, and is also conducive to the stable development of the Lanpeng brand.
Regional Advantage
Lanpeng has extremely high standards for the establishment of offices and team building in various places, and insists on focusing on teams and law firms that focus on regional market business as the main target. At present, Lanpeng's existing offices are transformed and absorbed from local regional comprehensive strong firms. It not only retains the operating mechanism formed by local law firms for many years and is suitable for the local market, but also inherits and brings in their long-term accumulated business reputation and profound knowledge. Influence. Through Lanpeng's integrated operation and management mechanism, each office can continue to form and maintain a relatively good scale growth in their respective regional markets while forming a highly collaborative service capability.
global vision
Lanpeng and Hogan Lovells have a solid and close strategic cooperative relationship, and deeply recognize each other's persistence and standards in management, business and service. Through smooth collaboration between each other, Lanpeng can provide customers with one-stop services in 55 major economic centers in Asia Pacific, America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania and Africa.
Construction of the rule of law
Among Lanpeng's more than 1,200 lawyers, dozens of them have been elected to the National, Provincial and Municipal People's Congresses and Political Consultative Conferences; more than 100 lawyers hold positions in local lawyers' associations to promote the overall development of the lawyer industry; many offices are deeply involved in the "China Amendment to the Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China (Draft), Amendment to the Civil Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China (Draft), Amendment to the Charity Law, Revised Draft Energy Law (Draft for Review), Legal Aid Law ( Draft for Comments), as well as drafting and legislative consultation work in many places.
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